Complete Noobs Beginner Guide


Are you new to MySpace, or just in general need some help getting a go with your profile? Here we will show you how to spice your profile, add a music video code, and some other neat optional things!

Spicing Up Your Profile
First thing is first, you need to get off the boring MySpace style. You can either use your our MySpace Profile Editor or use one of our Pre-Made MySpace Layouts. The only difference is, the MySpace Profile Editor gives you flexibility and the option to totally customize your profile how you want! If you use one of our MySpace Layouts, which is also another great feature. Please leave the link back to us.
Need help using the MySpace Profile Editor?

Adding a Music Video To Your Page
This is actually very easy. Just browse through our Music Video Codes, find the video you like, and copy the code given to you. You can place this code anywhere, I usually place my videos at the top of the "About Me" section.

Adding Images To Your Profile

This is a question frequently asked, and it's very easy. You can start by uploading the image with our Free Image Host. Once the picture is uploaded, it will give you a code to copy. Copy the HTML code, and just put the code anywhere in your profile.
For curious people: (The actual image HTML code)
<img src="" />

Fun Stuff For Your Profile
� Check out all of our MySpace Generators for more fun things to add to your profile.
� Or you can browse our MySpace Graphics to find images for your page! We have a large collection.
� For more advanced users, you can browse our MySpace Codes for advanced codes to tweak your profile even more!

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