Adding a MySpace Background Image, Position & Tiling Overview


You can override the default behaviour of the MySpace background image
By setting a specific start position and, optionally, a tile direction. Here is a sample code snippet which modifies the code you learned in the default behaviour tutorial. It utilizes all of the options taught in the individual MySpace background image positioning and tiling tutorials:

<style type="text/css">
body { background-color: 000000;
background-image: url(;
background-position: top left;
background-repeat: repeat-y;
background-attachment: fixed;

This sets the MySpace background color to black, the MySpace background image to CoolerCode_logo.gif which lives on my web site in the /myspace_graphics/backgroundimages directory. The MySpace background image is positioned to start at the top left corner and will tile up and down (only down being visible, but remember the background is infinite). The MySpace background image is also fixed so all content scrolls over the top like it is floating. Here are the different options available for each setting:


a color value in hex (000000 - FFFFFF) Click on the links above to see samples.


the fully qualified URL to where the image lives on the web.


top OR center OR bottom
left OR right
If you do not specify left OR right the image will be centered horizontally


repeat-x (left and right)
repeat-y (up and down)


fixed (the content "floats" and the background remains stationary)
scrolling (the background and the content scroll together, default)

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