MySpace Tutorials Index

Safe Mode (When modifying your MySpace website, the MySpace Safe Mode feature is there to help you)

Inserting coding into blogs
How to get a Friend ID
Change Your MySpace Background Color
Adding a MySpace Background Image, Default Behavior
Adding a MySpace Background Image; Position & Tiling Overview
Removing the music player
Move the entire profile
Making your layout skinny
Pick a Top 4, 8, 12 or 16 w/No Coding!
Creating an Extended Network Table
Creating a Drop Down Menu
Resizing Images
Flip Comments Table
Hide Extended Network/Blog Area
Hide Last Login
Hiding General Info
Move Contact Table
Hide URL Box
Center Your Profile
Hide Top Links
Hide Entire Top Navigation
Hide Bottom Links
Hide All Navigation
Hide Search Box
Recreating Details, Schools, Groups, etc
Myspace Background top/center
Myspace Background top/left
Myspace Backrounds top/right
Myspace Background center
Myspace Backgrounds right/center
Myspace Backgrounds bottom/left
Myspace Background bottom/center
Myspace Backgrounds bottom/right
Friends & Comments Scroll-box
Cursors for Dummies!
Complete Noobs Beginner Guide
Creating a Video Playlist
No Borders On Pictures
Make All Tables The Same Width
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